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June 2013
Join the World Tour in Seattle on June 21st!
Hosted by Phase One, Profoto, Production Paradise and Bear Images
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We invite you to experience our IQ2 series live.
The Photography World Tour is coming to Seattle! Please join us for this free event! Two renowned photographers, architectural photographer Chad Ziemendorf and still life photographer Erik Skaar will share their inspirational stories. They will provide insight on how they have enhanced their photographic creativity and grown their business.

Also presenting is David Grover from Phase One HQ in Denmark. David is part of our Phase One product development team. He will be providing further details about the Phase One photographic system and tips on how to get great results with Capture One Pro 7.

And that's not’ll also get to experience the new IQ2 backs first-hand and get the opportunity to meet, speak and network with the Phase One team, Profoto, Production Paradise and other photographers at the event.

Agenda for the day*

10am - 10:30am Registration and Welcome

10:30am - 11:15am Speaker: Erik Skaar - Photographer
How and why Phase One makes the difference in Erik Skaar's workflow

11:15am – 11:45am Shoot with Erik Skaar

11:45am - 12:15pm Speaker: Dan Cuny – Profoto
The Advantages of Profoto in Commercial Photography

12:15pm –12:30pm Speaker from Production Paradise
How to show off your work with Production Paradise

12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break / Hands on with Gear and Capture One Pro

1:30pm – 2:15pm Speaker: David Grover – Phase One Product Developer
The difference with Phase One - Image Quality, Reliability and Workflow

2:15pm –3:30pm Speaker: Chad Ziemendorf - Photographer
Using medium format technical cameras for architecture and interior photography

3:30pm - 4:00pm Play with Gear and Socialize!

*may be subject to change
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World Tour Event Details
Friday, June 21, 2013

10am - 4pm

Bandia Rua Studios
1419 Elliott Avenue West Suite A
Seattle, WA 98119

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No event fee

Space is limited, seating is based on a first-come first-served basis. Sign up today!
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Featured Photographers
Chad Ziemendorf and Erik Skaar presenting at the World Tour event in Seattle
Chad Ziemendorf - Architectural photographerErik Skaar - Still Life Photographer
Using medium format technical cameras for architecture and interior photography.
Chad Ziemendorf is an architectural photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in creating amazing urban landscape images from restricted-access vantage points.

Chad offers a unique insight into the challenging and competitive world of professional photography. His earlier career in professional baseball (a catcher in the Cincinnati Reds organization) has helped form his dedication to achieving his goal as one of the leading architectural photographers in the world. Going beyond the ordinary in establishing standards of quality and vision is an ongoing challenge that offers more similarities to the professional-sporting world than one may first think. He is convinced that the mental fortitude to keep a balanced emotional state amidst the successes and failures of baseball and photography alike is of utmost importance.

Chad is continually striving to take his photography to new heights as he communicates with his photographs. Chad will discuss his work and how he produces the image amidst ever changing environments and locations including his process for utilizing natural illumination to create the photographic results he seeks.

Chad will also discuss the tools and techniques that he has developed to push his photographic capabilities to the max. He will demonstrate his working photographic system, the various cameras he uses on location and discuss the processes he employs to deliberately create each and every image.
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How and why Phase One makes the difference in Erik Skaar's workflow.
Erik Skaar is a luxury still life photographer specializing in product, liquids, and high speed capture. His simple approach, use of color, and clean technique create visually arresting and elegant results ideal for liquids and luxury products. Erik is endlessly fascinated by all things liquid and frequently incorporates this element into his imagery. Erik is also an adjunct instructor at Seattle Central Creative Academy where he teaches various subjects on commercial photography and new media.

Erik has created a photographic world beyond the typical high-end still-life, that freezes time and motion when photographing fluid subjects and provides a vision that most would never appreciate without his photographs. Erik will discuss his photography and some of the tools and techniques he utilizes to precisely capture dynamic moments in the studio. Most photographers appreciate timing, preparation and pre-visualization. Erik will share how he brings these elements to his studio shoots, and how high-end digital photography has enhanced his abilities and techniques to make liquid photography more effective.

Erik will provide a shooting demonstration of his workflow, utilizing medium-format digital and discuss some of the set-ups he may use to accomplish a given project as well as many tips and tricks that he has spent years refining.

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Get a chance to use an 80 megapixel Phase One IQ camera system for a month!
Ever wondered what the world's best camera system can do for your photography? Now you have the chance to find out.

Get a chance to try the world's best camera system for a month for FREE!

All participants attending a World Tour event will be part of the drawing.

We look forward to seeing you!

Note: Specific terms apply for loan and insurance approval.
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Production Paradise
Production Paradise
Production Paradise is a world wide film, photographer and post production directory that connect and provide maximum exposure for visual media professionals working throughout the industry.

Their city directories provide a comprehensive guide to the production services available in their featured locations. With subscribers in over 164 countries looking for both local and international providers, you're listing in their Directory will get your work noticed!

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Bear Images Photographic
Raw files in depth
Bear Images Photographic has been providing the Professional Photographic Industry the best-in-class products, full support, and service since their doors opened 1982. Services include equipment sales, service, installation and equipment rentals geared towards professional photographers and studios. If you are seeking one on one interaction, highly skilled, reliable and knowledgeable people, Bear Images is glad to help.

Come meet Bear Images at World the Tour event!
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Profoto Pro B4 Battery
Profoto's Pro B4 is the fastest and toughest battery generator on the market. It is powerful inside and outside the studio.

On-location, its performance rivals that of any mains-powered studio generator. In the studio it gets even better. The battery can fully recharge in only 45 minutes and can be recharged while in use!

Style your light to perfection with Profoto’s huge assortment of Light Shaping Tools. Create the light you want when you want it. Only your imagination sets the limits.
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