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June 2013
Saturday at Pike Place with Phase One and Bear Images!
Join us on Saturday, June 22nd!

Phase One and Bear Images are teaming up to provide you a unique opportunity to work the world’s finest photographic equipment along with the people who best know these tools!

Phase One digital backs, Phase One Cameras, a wide-selection of Lenses in addition to some specialized items such as the Alpa Technical Cameras will be available for you to see how they work in a real world environment-The Pike Place Market.

We will have a private area set-up as our “home-base” at Pike Place Market in Seattle, and will then be able to team-up our system experts and see how extraordinary the Phase One digital backs and cameras perform while we photograph in and around Pike Place Market. We will then plan to take some of your photographs through the Capture One workflow so that you can see the complete process from exposure to final picture.

This is a limited event, so please register directly with Bear Images Photographic. Email or call 877-567-2327 to register. Call Bear Images today for more details.

The fee for this hands-on event (boot-camp) is $185. Plan from 10:30am to 4pm on Saturday, June 22nd.

Sign-up for the Phase One World Tour, on Friday 21st (the day prior to the Pike Place Event) for a complete overview of the Phase One System. Click here for more details and to register.
Phase One is the world leader in open platform, medium format camera systems.
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