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World Tour Invitation March 2013
Join the World Tour in London and be inspired
Hosted by Phase One, Profoto, and Production Paradise
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We invite you to experience our IQ2 series live
The IQ2 World Tour is coming to London! We invite you to join us for this free event where two professional photographers will share their stories and how they grow their photographic creativity and business.

We are also flying in a key member of our product development team. He will be sharing background information on the development process and engineering principles, and deliver tips on how to get great results fast with Capture One Pro 7 and the Phase One camera system.

And that's not all... You’ll also get to experience the new IQ2 backs first-hand and get the opportunity to meet, speak and network with the Phase One team, Profoto, Production Paradise and other photographers at the event.

Seating is limited, registration is based on a first come first served basis, sign up today!
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April 23rd 2013

3.00 pm to 9 pm

Holborn Studios,
49/50 Eagle Wharf Road
London N1 7ED

No event fee

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Get a chance to use an 80 megapixel Phase One IQ camera system for a month!
Ever wondered what the world's best camera system can do for your photography? Now you have the chance to find out.

Get a chance to try the world's best camera system for a month for FREE!

All participants attending a World Tour event will be part of the drawing.

We look forward to seeing you!

Note: Specific terms apply for loan and insurance approval.
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Production Paradise
Production Paradise
Production Paradise is a world wide film, photographer and post production directory that connect and provide maximum exposure for visual media professionals working throughout the industry.

Their city directories provide a comprehensive guide to the production services available in their featured locations. With subscribers in over 164 countries looking for both local and international providers, you're listing in their Directory will get your work noticed!

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The pinnacle of image quality
Raw files in depth
The new IQ2 digital back series incorporates the latest cutting-edge technologies to deliver outstanding image quality.

The full-frame 645 format digital camera backs feature high-speed wireless connectivity and 13 f-stops of dynamic range, plus even more new features designed to conquer the most demanding photographic challenges.

Whether you are into 80 megapixel captures, one hour long exposures or pure black and white imagery, there is an IQ2 for you.
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Profoto Pro B4 generator
Profoto's Pro B4 1000 Air is the fastest and toughest battery generator on the market. It is powerful inside and outside the studio.

On-location, its performance rivals that of any mains-powered studio generator. In the studio it gets even better. The battery can fully recharge in only 45 minutes and can be recharged while in use!

Style your light to perfection with Profoto’s huge assortment of Light Shaping Tools. Create the light you want when you want it. Only your imagination sets the limits.
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