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Sustainability update from Alfa Laval, Sanitary Equipment 2014
Here’s how efficient pumping gives sustainable performance
For your business and the environment
Sustainability is a top priority globally, as everything we do has an impact on the environment. The world is looking for ways to consume less energy, reduce pollution and improve our waste management. Actually, across all industries, energy efficiency is considered the most important environmental issue.

GOOD NEWS: Together with Alfa Laval and our network of partners, you are able to stay competitive in today's market. We are committed to continuously reducing your operation costs by maximizing the reliability and uptime of our equipment, resulting in superior performance. Of both your production and an improved impact on the environment.

RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT: In this edition of near, we will share with you 4 specific ways to optimize your energy consumption and save costs by selecting the right pump.

The right pump makes a world of difference
in operations
Significant savings through efficient pumping Consuming some 10% of total worldwide electricity, pumps clearly impact our world, so using the right pump makes good business and environmental sense.
In fact, a perfect operating pump reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, cuts operating costs and significantly reduces CO₂ emissions.

Here are 4 ways to save energy and costs via pump selection:
1) Consider overall process design. Even small adjustments affect energy consumption and costs.
2) Choose pumps with a variable frequency speed drive to adjust pump speed, they can offer savings of up to 40%.
3) Review a broad pump range and use computer-aided selection tools to simplify selection.
4) Select each pump to operate as close as possible to its best efficiency point (BEP),
which is the optimum head and flow point where a pump operates most efficiently.

Get more details on pump energy efficiency:
Alfa Laval's Best Efficiency Point fact sheet
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Energy efficient pumping
Energy savings as high as 50% can be achieved by optimizing pump selection.
Watch the video and learn about 4 ways to save energy costs.
Alfa Laval pumps are awarded
The global growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes Alfa Laval for its best practices, outstanding achievement and superior performance.
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