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AHRI certification of plate heat exchangers – testimony from
the experts
Mr Mitch Simpler is managing partner of Jaros Baum & Bolles – a leading US engineering and technical consultancy firm operating globally. Mr Bill Tritsis is vice president of AHRI, Certification. AHRI is a forum promoting the common interest of HVAC manufacturers in Canada and the US and one of the world’s largest trade associations. From different perspectives these gentlemen will bring you interesting information on an intriguing subject.

More benefits thanks to performance certification.
The astounding effect of
ingenious features!
In a long-term perspective, advanced technical features built into gasketed plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval will reduce the lifetime cost of ownership no less than drastically. In this article, we provide some examples. We also present an app taking you on a guided tour inside an Alfa Laval heat exchanger.
Read about the spectacular multiplicator effect of skilled engineering.
Alfa Laval AquaFirst
– a flexible little giant!
Being the most recent addition to our tap water portfolio, AquaFirst takes flexibility and energy-efficiency to a new level. While offering a wide array of functional options, it is light-weight, compact and has a very attractive function/price ratio.
Read more about the most recent addition to our domestic tap water portfolio.
The HVAC Handbook
will make your life easier!
This handbook offers HVAC professionals a rare combination of manual and source of in-depth knowledge within heat transfer technology and the specific requirements in various fields of application. It is a unique documentation of experience sampled during many years, in many types of applications and in many countries.
Find your heating or cooling solution from Alfa Laval here.
Case: AHRI-Predictable performance!
Editorial: The multiple benefits of AHRI-certification
Tech focus: Features for great economic impact
News update: Alfa Laval AquaFirst – tap water efficiency
News update: The ultimate handbook for the HVAC industry
How AHRI certification saves energy, money and trouble
When the heat transfer area of a plate heat exchanger is not dimensioned for the actual task, pumps and chillers will have to work harder to compensate for this. The result: Costly energy leakages that sadly often pass unnoticed. Certification of gasketed plate heat exchangers according to the AHRI standard eliminates this problem and paves the way for a quiet revolution in the global HVAC industry.
Stefan Linde
Market Manager, Alfa Laval
Read more on AHRI certification and the immediate as well as long-run benefits it brings you!
Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers
Alfa Laval AquaFirst – flexible and easy to sell!
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