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Product updates - Grade 8 to Grade 10

At Gunnebo Industries the practice of listening and responding to feedback from customers have been key since the very start 250 years ago. The development in the lifting industry constantly demand better solutions and sometimes those solutions are ground-breaking innovations like the GrabiQ-system, which enables a more efficient and easy way of rigging and lifting. Other times the solutions consist of small changes to already existing products. No project is too big or small when it comes to meeting the demands of the industry.

For users who want to be able to make the same sling configurations in Grade 10 material, as they can with Grade 8, Gunnebo Industries have now upgraded components that have previously only existed in the Grade 8 range. The upgrades concern the following products:

Swivel Latch Hook type LKNK

These products are now available for order; just contact your local Gunnebo Industries dealer. More information and CAD-files can be found on our website.

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