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Sustainability update from Alfa Laval,
hygienic equipment
How do you turn dairy potential into profit?

Sustainability is a top priority in daily business throughout many industries. This includes dairy production with a strong focus on using less energy, reducing water consumption and minimizing product loss. All this to improve environmental and economic performance.

GOOD NEWS: Together with Alfa Laval and our network of channel partners, you are able to stay competitive in today's market. We are committed to continuously reducing your operation costs by maximizing the reliability and uptime of our equipment, resulting in superior performance of both your production and improved impact on the environment.

RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT: In this edition of near, we focus on realizing sustainable improvements in selected dairy applications. See how our equipment contributes and discover results that can be achievable in your dairy production.

From raw milk to market share
Covering most dairy applications, Alfa Laval's complete range of equipment supports dairy businesses to be innovative, flexible and improve process efficiency delivering tangible results.

We know the dairy applications, as well as the trends and developments affecting the industry. We also have the equipment to support them: Pumps, valves, heat exchangers, installation material, membranes and tank equipment.

A varied category that includes pasteurized and UHT white milk, as well as formulated flavoured products. Hygiene is essential to ensure confidence in food safety together with gentle product handling, especially for cream and condensed products. With proven reliability and energy efficiency, the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves maximize flexibility and safety. This helps to achieve low operating costs and low total cost of ownership required for good margins in competitive markets.

Cultured milk and yoghurt place high demands on hygienic processing and heat transfer performance. Furthermore, the base product and ingredients must be effectively handled in order to preserve the integrity of the product ingredients. Part of our range of agitators is the Alfa Laval EnSaFerm, specially developed for fermentation. This product reduces energy consumption and product heat absorption. Based on fluid dynamic studies, the impeller design and unique shape reduces processing time by a factor of eight compared to standard pitch impellers, meaning lower power consumption by up to 80%.

Milk powder is a versatile, varied and fast-growing category, covering both production ingredients and consumer products. Preserving the quality and functionality of the raw material is of vital importance, especially in products such as infant formula. The first step in powder processing is liquid handling and concentration. Alfa Laval LKH Evap Pump is designed for use in the evaporator industry covering applications such as liquid concentration and powder processing solutions. We know that during production there is a high risk of building up a hard layer of product between the impeller and backplate, the innovative ClearFlow impeller design reduces this and increases uptime considerably.

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Animation of Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof valves

See how the most advanced mixproof valves in the hygienic process industry work.

Optimizing every process in your dairy

Alfa Laval’s comprehensive range of innovative hygienic equipment is key building blocks to deliver sustainable dairy processes. We have highlighted the most important processes here.
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