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Sustainability update from Alfa Laval,
hygienic equipment
Get the right sustainable focus in your beverage production!
Sustainability is a top priority in daily business throughout many industries. This includes beverage production with a strong focus on using less energy, reducing water consumption and minimizing product loss. All this to improve environmental and economic performance.

GOOD NEWS: Together with Alfa Laval and our network of channel partners, you are able to stay competitive in today's market. We are committed to continuously reducing your operation costs by maximizing the reliability and uptime of our equipment, resulting in superior performance of both your production and improved impact on the environment.

RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT: In this edition of near, we focus on realizing sustainable improvements in selected beverage applications. See how our equipment contributes and discover results that can be achievable in your beverage production.

Maximum performance and taste released from every drop
Watch how the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer effectively handles liquid and powder mixing, gas dispersion and tank cleaning while reducing time, energy and costs.

Alfa Laval offers sustainable hygienic equipment for beer, cider, soft drinks, juice, bottled water and the production of many other beverage types.

The breadth of our offering - pumps, valves, heat exchangers, installation material, membranes and tank equipment - covers hygienic production and high class Cleaning-in-Place. This equipment also delivers opportunities to increase production capacity, cut energy consumption and increase ingredient utilization in beverage applications.

Our brewery equipment is based on the most advanced technologies, best operating practices and designed for premium results. For instance, Alfa Laval LKH centrifugal pumps are optimized for efficient processing and help brewers reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, which also reduces CO₂ emissions.

Producers of soft drinks need consistent product quality whilst getting the most out of raw material ingredients, like sugar, syrup, fruit juices or sugar substitutes. The Alfa Laval Rotary jet mixer combines high blending precision with minimized mixing times and up to 90% reduction in energy requirements.

Most producers of energy drinks use powder ingredients because of longer shelf life and ease to transport. Some of these powders, like taurine, are difficult to dissolve in water, which challenges the process of preparing the beverage syrup. Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer is a cost-effective dual-stage inline powder dissolution unit that mixes and pumps wet and dry ingredients into a homogeneous blend. It significantly reduces the energy consumption compared to other systems, which require a lot more electric motor power.

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