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Dear Peikko Designer® User

You have downloaded Peikko Designer® from Peikko's website. This newsletter is to inform you about changes and updates in Peikko Designer®.

The coming update might require some actions from you as a user to ensure that software continues to operate as wished.

New update will be released tomorrow, Friday 29th of January

Peikko Designer® will have a new release on January 29th 2016. Release includes change to use .NET Framework 4.6 -version, a certificate update and small improvements. Because of technical reasons, you need to update your Peikko Designer® two times.

We ask you to pay attention that you’ll have required Framework version in your computer to run Peikko Designer® after coming technical update. Below you can find more instructions.

Peikko Designer® is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and also with Windows 10 as operating system. Windows XP is no longer supported.

Peikko Designer® and .NET Framework 4.6

The new version of Peikko Designer® will require .NET Framework 4.6 in order to run. To be able to update Peikko Designer® you must have the .NET Framework 4.6 installed on your computer.

The .NET Framework update includes performance improvements and enables us to continue to develop the program with the latest features for the best possible user experience.

The .NET Framework is usually updated automatically with Windows updates, but in some cases IT department has selected to make it separately.

How can I check what .NET Framework version I have in my computer?
You can check your .NET Framwork version
- according to Microsoft's instructions or
- by asking help from your IT department.

I don't have .NET Framework 4.6. What should I do?
You need to update the .NET Framework :
- You can install the new version from here
- You can ask your IT to help in installation. Installation might require administration rights.

I already have .NET Framework 4.6
You are ready for the update. Update your Peikko Designer® to get improvements in use.

What if I don't update my .NET Framework to version 4.6?
You have 30 days to update your .NET Framework and Peikko Designer®. If you haven't updated during that time, Peikko Designer won't run any more and you need to reinstall it from Peikko's web site.

Peikko Designer® and certificate update - security warning will appear during the update

Because of the certificate update, a security warning is shown during the update procedure. The certificate ensures that the software is published by a reputable software publisher and it protects the software from alteration after publication.

What do I need to do?
When you get the security warning, just click Install.
Your Windows might also show a note "Windows protected your PC". In that you should click Run anyway -button after selecting See more.

Small improvements

We have done several small improvements, for example:

Punching Reinforcement
- Opening calculation in ACI design
- Printouts when designing according to ACI

Fastening Plate
- Coordinate and load axes more clearly stated
- Edge failure calculation

Column Connection
- All calculation buttons have same fucntion
- Coordinate and load axes more clearly stated

Need help?

If you have any feedback, questions or would require assistance regarding Peikko Designer®, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Other Peikko Tools for Designers

Peikko's Tools for Designers includes design softwares, 3D components for modeling softwares and technical manuals of Peikko products. All of these are developed constantly in order to support designer's needs. New and updated tools can be downloaded with installation instructions from Peikko's web site.

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