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Nov. 2, 2011
"As always the Leaf back was extremely reliable. When you’re photographing dynamic subjects, the last thing you need is technical problems, and as we have now grown to expect, our Leaf back delivered." Dazeley
Dazeley studied photography at Holland Park Comprehensive (known as the Socialist Eton) and started assisting the photographer Peter Sowerby at Essex West Studios off Fleet Street, London in 1963. His work has won awards from organizations across the world, including the Association of Photographers (UK), the Royal Photographic Society in the UK, EPICA in France, Applied Arts Magazine in Canada and Communication Arts magazine and Kelly in the USA.

Dazeley is having a solo exhibition in November 2011, which will be held at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, UK to coincide with the Bath art festival the 'Bath Art Affair'.

Exhibition details:

Dazeley @ The Royal Photographic Society
Fenton House
122 Wells Road
Bath, BA2 3AH
1-29th November 2011. Mon-Fri. 09.30-16.30

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