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February 20, 2012
Mamiya Leaf Winter Inspiration:
Let a Little Light in with Will Pryce
"I took this shot while photographing a Lutyens house in France for Country Life Magazine. The house was just about to be sold by the family that had originally commissioned it to pay for death duties so it was rather a sombre place. They were struggling to keep the roof on and being the middle of winter it was about 2° Celsius inside. Generally the weather was also miserable but suddenly the light started to come round onto the front facade and in the bay window. I saw the splash of light, realized I wasn't going to get much of an effect, and used a ready-made smoke machine i.e. an old damp house and a fireplace. Even the best chimneys smoke when burning wood at 2° Celsius and in minutes I had enough smoke for the shot. I shot it with a Leaf Aptus 33MP digital back on an Arca Swiss F-line. Natural light. It was one of those shots which I used to see when shooting film but couldn't technically pull off. Now I look for them."

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